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A Meaningful Gift

Furoshiki Gift Wrapping For A Christmas Party (reusable scarf encasing a flask of home-made vegetable soup)

Takeaway: Set a theme for sustainable gift giving

As the saying goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”.

How do you know you are buying the right gift for someone?

With Christmas a month away, I checked the Internet for ideas- and the search threw up some useful links of which started me thinking of how I wanted to approach gifting.

I agree the search for the right gift is made easiest if you know who you are giving the gift to.

Empathetic gift-giving will guide your buying (or making)of a gift because you would know what the person needs or wishes for.

But what happens if it’s one of those gift exchanges during celebratory events, like Christmas, and you have no idea who’s gonna draw out your gift from the bag?

I’m a money-saving mum 🙂. I equate saving money with saving time and… I like to be prepared for sustainable gift giving. As a family carer, sometimes I may not have the luxury of time (nor energy) to go shopping for a gift.

One of the solutions I came up with was to give home-made food for Christmas.

These are the few simple reasons :

1) It gets eaten

2) It would not go ‘outdated’.

3) It is a considered gift.

4) It doesn’t leave behind a carbon footprint.

Deciding on what I am going to give beforehand takes away all that last minute shopping madness, thinking …wondering..sometimes agonising….  if the receiver will like the gift I have chosen for him or her.

Furthermore, it is a gift I can make preparations ahead. For instance, I will be on the look-out for ‘not-so-sweet’ dessert recipes or ‘no-sugar’ dessert recipes if I know the person is trying to eat more healthily.

I will stop racking my brains season after season what item I wish to give as I already have a ‘theme’ to follow (food).

The only labour  I need to do is continually update my ‘stock’ of healthy food gift recipes.

If one also knows the receiver, one can just ask them what they want!

Lastly, should we recycle gifts?

My answer to that is ‘Yes’… if you gather it will be a gift much appreciated by the receiver!

If in doubt, improvise – pair it with a considered gift so that it becomes a useful gift. However,…if any doubt lingers, gather the gifts you cannot recycle.. and pack them for an annual garage sale.

You can also check out websites of charity organisations to catch on what gifts they want …and organise a donation drive…that is also very meaningful gift-giving!

Happy Holidays everyone and a joyous Christmas!!






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