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‘The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe’ @ #01-03 School Of The Arts

On 10 September 2015 I was invited by theAsianparent to attend a Parents Blogger event at ‘The Daily Scoop’ , an ice cream cafe very easily located at the first level of School of the Arts (SOTA) building ( just next to Cathay Building )

2015-10-20 17.27.26

It was a convivial event with lots of animated chatter and thought-provoking sharing amongst parent bloggers and a team of dedicated crew helming theAsianparent, an online parenting publication.


We were talking and eating cupcakes at the same time 🙂

So much to share, so little time...

A lot to share..so little time …


One for the Memories <3

Time really went by that fast and other than ordering a mocha coffee that helped soothe my throat after all that sharing, I did not have the chance to partake the ice cream offerings in the cafe!


So back I went the very next week, on a Sunday, this time with my family , after lunch, to have ice cream for dessert!

This time round I had time to revel in the surroundings..


Of course, other than eyeballing the colourful eye-catching display of ice cream offerings from one end to the other, the other thing that caught my eye were the white painted wood look-alike panelling that resembled the walls of seaside cottages. The ambience it  emitted was of a sunny windy day by the beach…

2015-10-20 17.30.13

So while my family were busy sampling several ice cream flavours, I stood enraptured by several quotes playfully scribbled on striking glass panels. They were inspiring quotes by famous authors and  other iconic personialities such as Steve Jobs . However, one name that particularly caught my eye was Terry Pratchett , a famous fantasy author whose story books I had many a time recommended to my primary going students in the past..I was feeling very nolstagic then…this place really makes one feel like a child again..

2015-10-20 17.49.55

As I swung my attention back to ordering dessert, my husband enticed me with a Lychee Martini mini scoop on an ice cream stick. He had wasted no time : he had already sampled the Mao Shan, Chunky Peanut Butter and Lychee Martini .

My take on Lychee Martini is it is perfect for those who have stepped into the cafe to escape the savage heat outside (if it goes up to 35 degrees on certain afternoons)..

And picky picky me..I stood in front of the oblong glass counter and began trying the likes of ..Xtra Stout!.. Strawberry Shortcake ..Spectaculoos Cinnamon Cookies…Salted Mister Brown (very popular flavour amongst some cafe hoppers)..and OF COURSE there had to be one chocolate flavour and my decided choice landed on Hazelnut Haven (rich chocolatey gooey enough!!)


Check out Hazelnut Haven on the right!

I  chose Xtra Stout! at the end. It sure hit the sweet spot of not becoming drunk and behaving with lack of grace nor was it so mellow I would pronounce it as a waste of time trying it!


Check out Xtra Stout in the Centre 🙂

I suspect my younger daughter (all of 15 years old) will return with her classmates because she was busy taking pictures of the price list and the signboard with all its signature flavours …worthy to note a scoop of ice cream in a chocolate cone is $4.40 🙂


I do agree with her view though that this cafe does make a great teen hangout as well as  for anyone else who has ‘a child’ in him or her ❤️

So what would be my verdict of this place as a ‘little red dot money-saving mum’ ?

Frankly, the cafe’s ambience and space is perfect for holding an ice cream party for preschoolers….or a dessert hangout for office-goers in need of some solace and ice cream after a hard day’s work!

It also would be a  great weekend hangout for friends gathering, or for singles catching up on movies or dramas on their laptops, pairing that pastime with a waffle ice cream set , sipping a frothy coffee on the side.


Wafflelicious !!

So it was, at the end of the visit, after having our stomachs filled with yummy dessert, with ‘Dear Rosemary’ sung by the Foo Fighters playing in the backgound, we bade gusty good-byes to the friendly sales staff who patiently answered all our queries while we were ordering.

I also made a mental note to myself to ‘perch’ on the high stools at the front of the cafes facing the pedestrian walkway the next time I visit…wouldn’t that be a perfect way to spend an idyllic Mummy moment, nibbling away at a chocolate coated ice cream cone as well as ‘people watch’, while the kids are at school..

Yes, a next visit beckons soon…


Address : 1 Zubir Said Drive, #01-03 School Of The Arts Opening Hours : Mon – Thurs 11am -10pm ; Fri & Sat 11am – 10.30pm ; Sunday 1.00 – 10pm (Closed on selected public holidays)




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