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What is ‘Essential’?

My new favourite word is, ‘essential’.

I am ‘famous’ at home for throwing away things. My children scramble to hide things from me so that it does not end up in the donation or thrash bag

My husband has scolded me, ‘Since you like to throw away things so much, why don’t you throw me away too?’

But my husband is an ‘essential’.

We recently decided how our ashes were to be managed after our passing on.

How our dependents deal with what happens after we pass on – that is an ‘essential’ to me.

As I get older, I only want ‘essentials’ in my home – more freedom to do what I want, instead of having to always upkeep the house.

Realizing what is essential to me gives me peace.

What is ‘essential’ to you?

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  1. LionParents says:

    Thoughtful post, this is why minimalism is really gaining traction these days!

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