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What is ‘Essential’?

My favourite word this week is, ‘essential’.

When my children were younger, and I was a harried multitasking family carer, I was a mum notorious for throwing away things. If anything, my children ‘put away’ their numerous possessions, out of my sight, so that it did not end up in the donation or trash bag. My girlfriends chortled and thought it was an ingenious strategy to get the children to keep their rooms tidy. My husband had once said in jest, ‘Since you like to throw away things so much, why don’t you throw me away too?’

But I recently turned to my husband and quietly stated, “But you are an ‘essential’”.

Perhaps I had been speaking to too many elderly people in the community. Or I had been visiting too many older patients in a hospital setting and I had been thinking about death quite a bit. This might have got me to broach about death to my husband and …we decided how our ashes were to be managed after our passing on.

How our children deal with what happens after their parents pass on – that is also an ‘essential’ to me.

As I get older, I also only want ‘essentials’ in my home. I want to be surrounded with objects that I need to live with, in ease and at peace. This also allows me to focus on the present that matters and on nurturing the relationships that allow me to be loving and truthful to myself.

Realizing what is essential in my life clarifies my intents and priorities every day.

May I ask, what is ‘essential’ to you?




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  1. LionParents says:

    Thoughtful post, this is why minimalism is really gaining traction these days!

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