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How To Form A Money Club And Learn Money Skills

In June 2014 I started a Money Club.

It was a spin-off from a ten-session money course called Money WAGS conducted by a trained facilitator at WINGS. WINGS (which stands for Woman’s Initiative For Aging Successfully ) is a non-profit organisation located not far from where I live. I  go there for my weekly dose of yoga and that was how I had found out about the Money  WAGS (this stands for Women’s Action Group).

I attended the money course to brush up my personal money management  skills. Besides, after reaching middle age, learning about making a Will, appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney, preparing an Advance Medical Directive were matters that seemed more pressing than before.

When I think back on my school days when I joined an extra-curricular activity, I believe my friends and I had so much fun – these clubs, organisations, societies enriched our personal lives, helped us to grow as individuals, provided us with listening ears when we were faced  with stressful academic pressures or had an argument with parents at home – these activities provided the kind of support that saw me and many of my friends through our schooling /growing-up years!

Attending and participating in such clubs help one not to just grow in friendships, they also reinforce your vision and learning goals.

Therefore,when someone from the group towards the end of the money course piped up and said,”We should form a money club!”, I thought in my heart : Why not?

In the Money WAGS course, we had fostered among ourselves a sense of camaraderie. Session after session, we had already learnt so much from each other’s ‘money’ stories.

We really should continue to keep in touch and support one another in securing a personal financial wellness plan-I believed that.

And, as they say, the rest is history…

We came together and formed a money club which consists  of 10 graduands from the previous Money WAGS course who decided they wanted to keep in touch, meet regularly and continue to learn about money.

In no time, we also formed a Whatsapp group to ‘socialise’ daily 🙂 ,had decided on a stable venue and a fixed time to meet monthly. This was quite essential as we all had various family, work cum other commitments – fixing the time and venue would enable us to clear our schedule to come for meetings. We would make a commitment to our group.

Subsequently, everything fell into place. Snacks for teas (yes, we bonded over our food potlucks at meetings during breaks 🙂 )and directed money topics to discuss freely during club meetings made our gatherings even more purposeful – we were not only growing in our learning about money, we were bonding as a group of friends.

I remember some of the directed money topics at each meeting (led by a member facilitator) embraced topics such as cutting expenses, great passive income ideas, budgeting, confronting money fears,  using internet for financial education and financial generosity.

All great fun really!

What more can I say ? Our journey from those initial club set-ups (including a midnight mulling over which whatsapp money club icon to choose..^^) to the Christmas  gathering we held last  December to commemorate our 7 months of camaraderie , stronger friendship ties forged, the impact of those regular club discussions on the changes we had made in our life management habits (not just in money managing skills)- all these are joyful, inspirational and significant- it will be etched in our memories and will not be so easily forgotten.

I really could not have hoped for a better company of close friends to continue to pursue my money goals and I find myself esteemed to partake in their personal goals vision in the midst of our sharing and caring, may it be at gatherings or daily chit-chats or what we call ‘whatsapp-ening’ !!

It has been an awesome ride!

So..what holds for the future?

Continued ‘get-togethers’, of course!

We will continue to hold them in 2015 – when we will use our money managing skills learnt in 2014 and actualise them in projects, such as visiting charity organisations to volunteer, in kind or in deeds( or both!) and kickstarting  our entrepreneurial instincts to set up a stall at an annual charity bazaar. Last but not least, we will continue to learn personal financial management skills to build a secure future for ourselves as well as for our families.

To more good years ladies ! Let us  continue to hold one another’s hand in friendship ❤️




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