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A Solo Trip To Jakarta

Date of travel : 5 – 8 April 2015

Exchange rate : 1 Singapore dollar = 9577.39 Indonesian rupiah

It was a last minute decision to travel to Jakarta but well worth it . I was just telling a group of friends that every time I travelled up to Jakarta  I was always ferried around ( NOT complaining yo! ) but this time round it was just nice to travel solo and explore the city in my own time, at my own pace…

The first thing I looked at after I returned were my receipts because I track ALL my expenditure – my Money Club members are in awe of this – they always wonder “What drives her to do that..?” (separate post this ..on Setting Up A Budgeting System 🙂 )

My Personal Expenses In Evernote App

My Personal Expenses In Evernote App (in Singapore dollars)


I didn’t think I  saved alot in Jakarta this time because I shopped at Zara and Uniquo at the Grand Indonesia Mall >.<

Then I totalled the purchases (excluding the optional shopping purchases) and was relieved I had spent not more than S$505 for a 4D3N stay..ok..pass!

It being my first time to Jakarta alone,  a little bit scared..haha.. so I asked around before going  and found out there were new malls like Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia which I could easily access from hotels located just opposite the road as there was a connecting walkway –that sounded safe enough..

I googled Agoda with these two mall names and discovered I would be in the Thamrin vicinity.

I was looking for a value-for-money accomodation ( this translates into ‘ no-frills-accomodation-but-I- need- a-comfortable- bed- but- no- sharing- of- toilet dormitory- type- hotel ‘ ).

Whilst reading up on the city, I discovered Jakarta is  a huge city – do check out this link to be familiar with the breakdown of its geographical regions..

In the end, Holiday Inn Express became the hotel of choice ( it was price-friendly and it fitted all my requirements 🙂 )

Then l sought a budget airline that would get me there and safely back.  Eventually, following my instincts (still feeling cautious)  I settled for no-frills Jetstar..

I am glad I did : I realised how little I missed the movies and the meals and I completely used that 1 hr 50 min plane journey to catch up on my sleep..flying simply has its benefits.

Admittedly, I had also chosen to fly with this airline then because soon after the crash of a Germanwings passenger plane in the French Alps, I was reassured  by the prompt press release by Jetstar airways that from March 31st  on all Jetstar Asia flights, there will always be two operating crew members in the cockpit at all times .. details like that matter to a passenger like me with an over-active imagination..

After I had arrived at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Terminal 2,  I bought the SIM card that my husband kept reminding me to do (and duly discovered I had forgotten to bring the Iphone pin so that meant I needed to ask the lady to set up everything for me-also good  because I and electronic devices are sometimes not on the same channel…

I bought it for 160 000 Indonesian rupiah..  buying anything at the airport means you pretty much know it’s way above the normal price (so my sister-in-law reminded me) But alas….being my first time on my own , I don’t  speak Bahasa Indonesian language AND my personal safety is at stake, I will let that purchase go lah – no frets! 生命重要! (=my life more important!)

To travel to my hotel from the airport, I took the recommended ‘Blue Bird taxi’.

(Updates:  After my return , I could not help thinking the taxi fare seemed expensive compared to the other lifestyle costs in Jakarta ..so upon asking my relatives staying in Jakarta,  here is the link on how to travel from the airport to the city centre and back by NOT taking cabs.)

I arrived at my hotel safely ..

2015-04-06 18.27.42

Holiday Inn Express Thamrin

There was abit of a jam at the inner road leading into the hotel and I managed to suppress a strong desire to ask the driver to stop me about 100 metres before the hotel to let me walk along the pavement which directly led to the hotel..anyhow, he hardly spoke a word of English so I decided to just sit back and enjoy the wait.. (jams are here to stay in Jakarta!)

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby

Okay..this is the part you will like because I start showing you lots of photos 🙂

My choice of hotel was apt – I liked the free daily buffet breakfast (the line-up was basic but they changed the dishes every day)

At the Breakfast Pantry

At the Breakfast Pantry


My bed was comfy.

Hotel Room

Hotel Room

In the bathroom, the  shower stream was inconsistent(see the part of the cord where it’s at a ‘right angle’ ..yup ..first night of taking a bath was frustrating..!)

Hotel bathroom

Hotel bathroom

On the second night when I had ‘adjusted’ to my ‘home’, I rectified the problem  by pulling taut the cord and securing it straight ..so yeah .. frustration of having inconsistent stream of water and or no water at all was solved..happiness!

However, a remaining  grouse (which I could do nothing about) was the short-width sink in the bathroom – too small ! Water kept lapping over on the floor and dripping on my clothes ..I made a note to feedback to the hotel counter staff..

Other than these minor kinks, the hotel Wi-Fi worked great ( so I had no need to use my 3G when I  was in the hotel)..my sleep was sound as the room was well-insulated against outside noise (although it was facing the main road).

2015-04-07 12.09.09

View From Hotel Room

One is able to easily walk from the hotel to the three malls – Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, and Thamrin City.

2015-04-30 08.40.48

(top to bottom) Grand Indonesia Mall , Plaza Indonesia , Thamrin City

The hotel staff graciously provided me with all the directions I needed!

Pretty Clear Maps With Carefully Explained Directions By Staff!

Pretty Clear Maps With Carefully Explained Directions By Staff!

However, be forewarned that the sidewalks can be pretty dusty or muddy(particularly so after it rains) >.<

Along  the way, there are quite a few street hawkers,  so if you are not one of those adventurous travellers who feel comfortable walking alone in such places, acknowledge that and book a hotel directly opposite the malls ; you will feel safer and thus enjoy more of your stay!

After having prowled through Jakarta’s two big malls during the first two days, I thought I should visit *Tanah Abang Market (supposedly a bazaar where they sell alot of local apparel).Along the way,while zigzagging through the stalls by the roads where the hawkers and the locals were chitchatting or waiting for their food to be served up, I chanced upon Thamrin City ….

( *I did not get a chance to go to the Market as I spent the entire afternoon at Thamrin City!)

Finally, I got to see a local shopping mall! And it  contained a sprawling hypermart (finally I could buy my keropok here!) I was contented enough to bask in the company of local salesgirls and businessmen or women selling batik wear, fashionable chokers (some good buys here!) and trendy necklaces.

The highest floor was a little like a packing area where the shop vendors received their goods and began inspecting them openly while the customers (tourists and locals) gingerly stepped over the goods sprawled on its floor…it was messy but a friendly atmosphere prevailed.. I stopped by to scrutinise some dates from some vendors selling Middle Eastern carpets and other home ornaments as well as exotic fragranced incense sticks.

Not to mention the several local eateries at Thamrin City….definitely cheaper meals galore…all local food..

A Local Cafe At Thamrin City

A Local Cafe At Thamrin City

And oh a word about food sold in Jakarta ..one can eat a very satisfying meal at very affordable prices.  For that same price of a bowl of udon bought in Singapore, in Jakarta I get to enjoy udon cooked in a rich broth with succulent meatballs accompanied by a sizeable side dish(eg. tempura sweet potatoes) …all prettily served!

Highly Affordable And Delicious Too!

Highly Affordable And Delicious Too!

Therefore, I had a great stay! Nothing beats the feedom of solo travel. I slept well ..ate well because delicious food was so cheaply priced (even in the big malls!) Service was great too 🙂

I also found the Indonesians  on my trip hospitable, friendly and charming. Although I was unable speak a word of Bahasa Indonesia, the gentility of the Indonesians quickly put me at ease and I was able  to enjoy the rest of my trip in Jakarta! I will visit again – alone ; and this time I will explore another part of the city:)


(Added Thought)

When it was raining on the third day, I was suddenly struck by the idea of what would happen if there was a flood in where I stayed and  so I would not be able to catch my flight home that day because all roads leading to the airport would be closed …I had read on the internet that one traveller even hopped onto a open lorry  because just about everyone else was doing that and he had learnt it would bring him closer to where he wanted to go..but…I have learnt,this  is Jakarta .. it may not be as co-ordinated as in Singapore ..but live and let live ..the locals take things in their stride and just’go with the flow’ – life doesn’t grind to a halt just because a disastor bursts out….you just wait for the storm to pass (and I guess it finally will) and then pick up from where one was and carry on..serenely..)


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