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I had the good fortune to try out a clay modelling class at the Da Vinci Group at their new premises at New Industrial Road and I and my partner thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Our clay modelling materials all ready and waiting for us 🙂

I think what might attract a parent to sign up their children for the neuroeducation curricula at Da Vinci Group, other than the science of learning through a neuro approach,would be they prioritise a personcentered approach towards learning, education and development.

I have been an educator of children for twenty plus years and have experienced several child enrichment programmes, as a trainer and a mum. There are quite a few factors that would differentiate one service provider from another: one of that is an intentional aim to customise or tailor the given service differentially towards different audiences. And at Da Vinci Group they are able to do that because their education philosophy of neuroscience permeates through quite a range of developmental learning programmes which can cater to audiences ranging from the very young (2 years and above) to the old.

Their KlayKits for sale: a mobile, user-friendly and complete kit for clay modelling!

Another good thing about the neuroeducation courses offered by the school is that regardless if it is clay modelling  or theatre curricular, the philosophy of neuroeducation comprises the brain absorbing all processes, then pulling parts of it to adapt and accomodate to restructure, reinforce or to readapt to new thoughts and behavior. It is a process approach that empowers independent thought, new learnings in any individual, young or old. It also teaches and strengthens new skills through observation, manipulation (like through a medium of clay), listening skills and inculcates patience (character development).

Observing the facilitator molding the clay before getting to work on ours

When I was trying their clay modelling at the event, and whilst I was recreating something like a concept of a ‘favourite moment with my child’, and I was pulling, yanking, rolling, pinching, squeezing the clay, I was thinking, “Oh will this never end..why is my clay not looking like what I want it to look like..”, I had to put quite a bit of attention on my clay and ‘focus’ on the ‘modelling’ and ‘fashioning’ process. I had learnt through a brief observation of the facilitator the basic skills. However, the rest I was experimenting, trying, failing, but enjoying. It tests personal skills like patience and tolerance.

It also tests one’s drives and motivations.

All the while I was thinking , “You are doing this in celebration of a very special memory for Mother’s Day and which brings you much joy..I also want to make this (clay model) in celebration of my children of whom I have happily seen growing up to be really nice people and I want to do this well.” One sees the reflections and the thought processes occurring ON ITS OWN..the skills and behaviour developing or moving in a certain direction. There are also very significant restructuring and adapting thoughts occurring in the brain.

Of course all this ‘learning’ was made possible by sensitive class management from the main facilitator as well as another staff member who was zooming around the classroom offering very positive affirmations and any needed assistance to the younger children when she saw them hesitating or looking ‘spaced out’ (the importance of sensitive class management is even more significant for the younger children whom we know have naturally shorter attention spans!)

That’s our activity on the big screen!

My final artwork :))

Of course, I am of the opinion if there are children, there needs to be adult guidance and supervising for optimal thought processes and development of other intelligences to develop. For this I found the staff during my session in Da Vinci cordial, kind in speech and generally pretty good-natured all about. The vibe in the event room seemed pretty vibrant and positive and there was plenty of good light streaming in: I liked the fact it was a very spacious room too.

Event room

The Da Vinci Group will be launching some educational programmes this June 2017: some highlights I am raising is a visit to the Dragon Kiln (you really need to see where your final product will be ‘roasting’ in, yes kids?) That would be experiential learning and novel because in Singapore we don’t get to see kilns every day.

I also appreciate the short daily 2-hour programmes of clay modelling revolving round themes like Disney, Round the World and Young Entrepreneur. With empathetic class supervision from experienced facilitators, I really think these neuroprogrammes will offer experiential learning and character-forming skills in a cheerful learning space. It would give both parents and children the opportunity to socialise too 🙂

Hope you have loads of fun on their programmes!



The Da Vinci Group, 22 New Industrial Road, #02-09/10, Primax Singapore 536208; mobile no. 91197686 OR www.davincisg.com/shop




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