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Hi! I am Cindy and I am the principal writer at reddotmum.com.

I am a ‘minimalist’ mum who started a generativity blog in 2012. I wanted to pass on nuggets of information I had learnt along my life course, to raise a healthy and happy home to my children, and I felt a blog would best encapsulate that. The blog has since evolved to be a resource which I recommend to adult participants in my life skills facilitation groups, to access recipes and other home ‘tips and tricks’, to assist them in becoming better family carers. By sharing some nuggets of information, I wish for family carers and their families to age well.

I am a teacher and volunteer for close to 30 years. I am currently a student of a Gerontology masters programme at Singapore University of Social Sciences and concurrently, in training, in becoming a professional counsellor. I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Nanyang Technological University) and Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (College of Allied Educators). My first degree is a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in English Language and Geography) from the National University of Singapore.


The blog features articles for family carers that could economise on time, money and space.


The featured recipes are adapted to the Singapore context (eg. some ingredients are substituted as they cannot be found locally) and are also based on the cooking staples one has available in one’s kitchen.


Many ‘advice’ to the ‘children’ are contained in a ‘series’ of ‘letters’ to mimic a conversation one might be having with them at the end of a long day, with them seated around the dinner table or relaxing in a family room.

These ‘mini-talks’ have been sub-categorised into life stages: the ‘life skills’ at each ‘life stage’ denote outlooks, knowledge and skills which may all cumulate into better ageing over the course of one’s lifespan.


The opinions at reddotmum.com are strictly the author’s own and the website is for informational purposes only.


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