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Hi, my name is Cindy and welcome to my blog!

Just a little about myself. I have been teaching, and volunteering, for various social causes, for over 25 years! Recently I returned to graduate school and am pursuing a Masters in Gerontology (you have to look this one up..^^)

Yes! Things can get pretty tough as an adult student but I really really do love learning.

Passing on knowledge of what I have learnt over the years also comes really naturally to me, as a teacher, writer and speaker.

History of Little Red Dot Mum – Little Red Dot Mum was started in November 2015. It was born out of a personal wish of myself (as a mum) to leave a legacy to her children on how to raise a healthy family and a loving home. The blog does contain quite a few tips on parenting, as well as quick ideas for cooking, and hacks for housekeeping.

To explain how ‘Little Red Dot’ came about, the affectionate term just refers to the small island of Singapore (the country where I live) located in South East Asia (a quick add here – the flower tucked in that bright red icon (supposedly to be me) is our country’s national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim).

Little Red Dot Mum is an evolving blog (takes after its owner^^). The ideas and messages relayed are quite my own, unless it is a researched article of which I will then include references. The purpose of the blog is to support multigenerational families to raise healthy families and loving homes.

Updates on my blog:

I recently launched a  “Dear Children” series to relay some nuggets of information in a friendlier way to my children and their friends (you have no idea how much angst and pressures the young adults are under these days!) I also took the opportunity to include some takeaways for young families starting their own.

Just my own thoughts – that a happy family (or loving relationships) and healthy home is really the bedrock of a healthy mind, body and heart.

Do drop by often as my blog will keep developing relevant and meaningful content – probably driven by my evolving life too!

And please correspond with me at littlereddotmum@gmail.com for clarifications or just to share your thoughts and comments on some of the ideas that struck you after you read some here. It’s always a pleasure to know new friends!

Cheers and have a lovely day ahead!