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The Green JOURNEY #3

I had bought this as a purse for my coins and notes but it is now repurposed to become my trusty pencil case – the soft leather gives me comfort when things get a little rough around exam time or article deadlines loom near..and it’s been with me for 15 years..it’s worth the money spent and very eco-friendly buying decision when one only buys things one likes and not buy it solely based on its utility value..call it getting in touch with yourself on a sub-conscious level….

It’s been almost a month since the family has been going green ‘as a lifestyle’: this simply means making a new habit stay. So far so good.

Now whenever hubby goes out to buy food back, he brings our trusty recycled carrier with all our plastic containers jiggling inside. If it’s to buy sugarcane juice for everyone, then a tall water bottle is also carried along.

That trusty ‘bonjour’ (bread brand) we got from a supermarket sales promoter several years ago ..the only reason why i have kept it till this day is it’s an exact fit for my square plastic containers which i use to transport takeaway food back

See that tall blue water bottle on the left..that’s the container we use to take away our family drink. After going green, we were quite consciously trying to reduce those plastic takeaways from the hawker centre. I am quite happily taken by this orange carrier i received from my relative during Chinese New Year(it bore a delicious gift of pineapple tarts ^^)…it’s good to be ‘mindful’ of ‘things’ one has at home so that when it’s spring cleaning time, one keeps those that might can be re-purposed!

Also, we are HABITUALLY separating our daily thrash:)

The orange plastic bag goes into the blue recycling bin (the ubiquitous one dotted all over our island city) which we dispose of thrash that does not neatly fall into the 4 bins i have below my block where i reside; the centre one is (dry) paper thrash..that goes into our ‘paper’ bin downstairs ; last one on the right is for (dry) plasticware (if my teenagers bring cups back, they have to wash the cups first before dumping it into this bin..it’s also put at the doorway to ‘remind’ everyone to reduce use of plastics!

This bin is conveniently located near our train station so anyone who is enroute is hollered at to help dispose of it along the way^^

These recycling bins are just downstairs our block!

We are starting to repurpose our glass jars (this one holds the chocolate-coated cranberries my child made ).. i believe i had informed in my first blog entry re: that the greening journey was to cut down the number of teratogens at home as well as those surrounding everyone in the community because of the potential hazardous effects they have on a woman’s prior health before pregnancy. It is still better to be less exposed to any hazardous substances like mercury, lead and some plastics (because of the way they are manufactured) to take care of one’s health before the pre-natal period. I think this is my motivation to maintain a ‘cleaner’ surroundings!

We are also more mindful to reduce food waste and to eat up the food before it expires..sometimes one buys food and then realises it’s not to one’s liking..in this instance, i combined walnuts with raisins and almonds(the latter two I like but the first i am not so keen on ) so that the walnuts do not go to waste..going green also makes you buy less because one does not want to engage in wasteful consumption.

i think i wrapped the loose strands of hair fallen on the floor and those i collected after cleaning the gunk from the bathroom drainage pipe in newspapers..i am not sure of how to dispose of hair as in the above examples..similarly, i am wrapping my food waste and peels in newspaper..other new things to be informed of later:)

Upon reflection, the best thing about this turning point in our home, of a more eco-conscious living, is how one also starts being more MINDFUL of the ‘non-living’ things around you…(more about this in the next post!)








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