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The Green JOURNEY #2

So that’s how it works! Being green also means reusing what you have got and repurposing it for other uses..this finally SINKS in…previously I used to do this because I liked being frugal and I also liked repurposing something when it befitted the purpose.

Repurposed all the extra contact lense cases to hold my ointment and facial / body moisturizers as they are really size-friendly. They go into my pouch which is stored in the pocket of my laptop backpack whenever I travel overseas on short trips

I have been bringing my plastic tupperware to contain my takeaway food. From a local Facebook group, I learnt an important value about being kind towards people who refuse to go ‘green’ like you or me. I learnt from a gentlemen who mentioned that when he now asks a hawker to place his food in his food container and the hawker does not, he respects the hawker’s decision because he or she must have his reasons.

I find this respectful attitude encourages my green lifestyle as I don’t grow exasperated if someone does not go ‘green’ like me.

This positive attitude must be contagious because just yesterday a lady hawker who sold carrot cake, grudgingly packed away our order of carrot cake in my tupperware but later shared with me on the side that if I had come on a Saturday or Sunday, when there was a throng of people queueing, she would not have entertained my request.Good feedback! However, I am still glad she acceded to my request that morning :))

I just learnt another tip this morning which I shared with a colleague about exchanging Christmas gifts at end of the year. Again, I picked this tip from a group on Facebook (you learn so much on the internet!)Instead of gifting based on the announced budget, why not set aside a nominal amount from each staff member and pool that together to donate to a charity of everyone’s choice! Lovely idea – lesser stuff, lesser clutter! I may just apply this to my Mothers Day gift too!

So proud of my ZERO food waste over this Labour Day long weekend holiday…we finished eating up what we already had in our fridge as well as what were leftovers in our chiller! Feeling joyful!

Some progress…

On a daily basis, I had just labelled all our thrashbins in the house to separate thrash so that it would be easier to dispose of the thrash inside it in the recycling bins.Every ‘small’ act matters because one gets encouraged by ‘small successes’..I think this ‘infectious’ attitude seems to be rubbing off on the kids too..my older teen asked me which bin to throw her foil wrapper and my younger teen just started selling her ‘stuff’ on Carousell – she admitted (readily) she has “one too many items”..MINDFUL consumerism is another aspect of being green as a LIFESTYLE.




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