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Beginnings of a Green Journey #1

I bring these cloth bags with me while shopping so I don’t need to bring back shoeboxes and the salesgirls don’t need to wrap my clothes with paper(needless packaging) to protect them!

24 April 2017
This ‘green’ movement all started because I began NOTICING how much waste my daughter and I were throwing away every day..because it was just the 2 of us most of the time at home, we mostly ate out and hardly needed to shop from the local supermarket and therefore our plastic bags from the supermarket also dwindled drastically until one fine day we had NO plastic carrier to contain our thrash..and I thought “I think i am consuming too much or I am just not mindful of all the packaging or packages I am bringing home.”

The saving money bit is a big plus but I don’t think that will sustain our family’s mindfulness
about the ‘3 Rs’ : Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – I DO think though the thought of seals and other sea creatures being suffocated by plastics floating in the ocean , the teratogens that we are consistently surrounded by daily and especially the dangers of them to unborn children because of unsuspecting mothers are BIG driving factors that are pushing me now to mindfully reduce my carbon footprint every day.

And so I am beginning my green journey by starting a witchhunt for eco-friendly containers. My plastic ones are almost 10 to 20 years old. So when I microwave my containers*, I worry the degenerative qualities will seep into my food.

My current container

*I use ONE type of container for leftover food storage, meal receptacles, serving food receptacles (if it’s just for 2 persons) and takeaway food receptacles. I bought the above plastic box previously because these won’t crack like glass receptacles and they are light and friendly for small hands of my children during their growing-up years.

There are difficulties to get a right new one. Most containers I think come close to what I want are usually plastic containers. The closest I have got was one at Sheng Siong. I liked its bigness (also flat and light enough to put in my bag and not weigh a tonne as I gallivant round Singapore) I also liked how ‘at ease’ I felt as I imagined myself eating from it because of its ‘just right’ shape, size, calming color and depth. Further, it would be easy for hawker vendors to scoop my stir fry takeaways into it without me or they fearing they would break my container during their utmost busy moments. I googled the brand and discovered it is quite reputable and received good reviews online. However, the homemaker veteren in me (experience of  20 years) felt ^THIS was not quite the product I should be buying, particularly so  since I was beginning to lead a more environmentally green lifestyle and I felt this product was not quite the best ‘green’ choice.

^trying to apply all that Marie Kondo teaches – only have things that you love and are useful in your house

Another difficulty I faced were the baffling terms I encountered whilst trying to decide if a product was recyclable or not – polypyrexene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles..1 for PET and 5 for PP(what was that??) ; bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, and bisphenol-S (BPS)…non-toxic: free of estrogen-mimicking toxins commonly found in plastic, such as BPA (bisphenol-A), BPS (bisphenol-S) and phthalates….zzzzz

I bought these biodegradable bags from a supermarket at Tanglin Mall – $5.35 – for 100 – and that works out to about $0.05 a piece..so now I do not need to take any more plastic bags from NTUC supermarket when I shop there ..furthermore, these bags will biodegrade whereas those from NTUC supermarket are not eco-friendly (I tried googling if they were bio-degradable from the internet and their website but it threw up no answers)


Anyhow, that did not stop my obsessiveness to know more and I judiciously ‘hunted’ down every lead and source I got wind of and followed up. I joined Facebook groups (eg. Journey to Zerowaste Life in Singapore) and Instagram influencers( eg. Don’t Mess With Mama) to gain insights into how I could incorporate what I knew into a do-able family friendly lifestyle.



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