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(Trying)to maintain a healthy weight after 50 #1

I have been putting on weight (from 56 to 60kg) and that is pretty alarming..what makes it more alarming is I can’t lose it easily..and THAT is a crisis to me..I am STUCK with being 60kg…but I have got to try to do something about it!

Let me explain..I am an expert on diets and losing weight..coupled with resolve (I am pretty disciplined),I had always ‘dropped’ kilos when I wanted to.

I no longer believe in the ‘one shape fits all’ beliefs propagating on the internet or other place else..each one of us is different ..so we need to work out what ‘shape’ fits ourselves..that is the ‘picture’ of myself I have in mind and that is why the title is maintaining a ‘healthy weight’ (not ‘how to lose weight’) I personally think that is the best way to maintain emotional and mental wellness about personal health, fitness and beauty.

As of this second, what I know is I want to achieve a consistent weight(except for ‘that time of the month’ when I seem to ‘bloat’), lessen (don’t know how much yet) my fat reserves, maintain optimum ENERGY to carry out my daily activities and live positively every day (until my time is up).

Do note  I am a minimalist – mum so I look for solutions which will be family, home and environment friendly.

This is the first of many posts of how to live healthily. Watch for the rest!


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