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(Still)trying to maintain a healthy weight #3

And so on that fateful weekday night, all happy that I am managing to eat for wellness (that seems to be the topmost priority right now) , I enter my dining room and my heart chills for a second..on the table is a packet of food with the mayo and sweet sauce condiments ..never mind the excess PLASTICS ..and so I ask my teen and she says in a sing-song voice daddy brought it back from the restaurant because a dinner partner did a no-show..excess dish..cannot waste mah..so bring back lor..haiz..such.is.life .-.

And so this was what caused the weight loss of 1 kg to spring right up to 59 again *weep*


And this was what I was supposed to eat..instead of the ngoh hiang in the above pic.

And so I sadly put my sandwich into the fridge as this ‘very oily’ dish was beckoning me to ‘try’ it..and try I did..I ended up eating the whole thing (not in one night!!)..btw it was delicious! in one of the tau pok, the chef had carefully enclosed slivers of egg, mushrooms, ham, lettuce..a great piece of (food) art but alas very deep-fried.

Needless to say, when I recorded it in my food diary under FitnessApps, under ngoh hiang, of course the app screamed ‘high in saturated fat’…yea yea yea..I know.

What this incident taught me is.. my determination to maintain a healthy weight will be driven by two core drives: one is vanity (‘looking’ lean) and the other is mental alertness(because I have to write and study for exams)..

And when I finished the whole restaurant cardboard box of ngoh hiang, I happened to be starting to study for an exam..not sure if so-called ‘stress’ caused me to abandon (almost)everything to the wind but I am a LITTLE demoralised I gained back my 1 kilogram.

Well, at least I remember my personal goals: to lessen unhealthy fats,eat the right carbs, eat more protein, include more fibre in my daily meals..do all that at BEGINNING of the day (because I tend to eat ‘nonsense’ later in the day / at night) .-.

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