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(Still) trying to maintain a healthy weight after 50 #2

In order to achieve the goal, one has to motivate oneself in some way..so I just caught sight of a ‘lumpy’ part of my thighs as I was walking by a window mirror and that (frankly) annoyed me..I look awful in shorts (yes, vain me)..need to cut.down.on.fat

On the other hand, I haven’t been doing too badly:)*Need encouraging thoughts*

(for some weird reason my pics. seem to be not vertically upright..) Anyway, I found almonds are my favourite, raisins add variety and now I am trying walnuts..not really favouring it though..but keep an open mind and eat a little more to see how it goes…

I have been eating raisins and nuts as a snack when I am studying or writing articles to stay mentally and physically well. I have found out I quite like almonds and I find that snack also keeps me full longer.

I was just commenting to my family that I NEVER had to eat nuts and raisins before and a brazen one quipped,”Yea..getting old lah..when all these people get older they eat nuts and seeds to stay young and keep fit!” Okay…can’t really roll eyes at that remark because it is quite true for me.

On this topic of maintaining a healthy weight…I am a huge fan of recording things – what I eat, buy etc because I like to identify where the ‘unhealthy’ patterns are and replace with good habits..one really cannot solve a problem unless one knows where the problem lies….

I was looking at my ‘food diary’ for the past week under the app and realised I needed to eat less less fat-tening food and include more protein in my daily diet.

I use MyFitnessApp which records my nutritional diet and syncs with my Withings App which records the number of steps I walk daily!

It’s quite effective apparently when one uses (analyses) food records this way! It’s been only 2 days and my weight has gone from 59 kg to 58 kg..

Then I did a ‘slight’ modification in my daily meal by eating ‘correctly’ at my EARLIEST main meal – so high quantity of protein and more greens (Yong Tau Foo in soup – no rice or noodle- seems to be the ‘go-to’ meal when eating out)  ..do all the ‘correct’ things first (haha..priority) ..because I tend to snack on the-not-so-good-things at end of the day..so at least I am still hitting one of my goals which is to eat better to FEEL better and have more energy.

Mindfulness is another thing that helps alot I think. Mindfulness you have too many ‘fat’ foods in your daily meals, mindfulness you need to up the protein and drink more water and mindfulness you need to eat more nutrition-dense foods because you need to feel full longer (or else you will have to cook another meal-use more fuel,throw more waste etc).



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