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Hello! Great to have you here:)

That chilli-red girl icon you see with a flower in her hair – well, that’s supposed to be me and an interesting bit of information about the flower I am wearing in my hair (I don’t really have red hair!); that is Singapore’s national flower called the Vanda Miss Joaquim.

My name is Cindy. I reside in the country of Singapore (sometimes called the ‘little red dot’) which is located in South-East Asia. I mainly blog about living as a minimalist Singapore mum who strives to live positively and graciously every day within a very busy city!

I hope you will take away with you something valuable after skimming through some of the articles. I believe some of the most popular ones that get readers returning time and again are the frugal recipes and also the home organisational decluttering tips!

I try to blog as often as I can and when I do, I assure you the tips I share will be enriching to your home and family life so do check back often!!

Happiness to you and your loved ones<3